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All Things Graphics!

For the love of all things graphics...

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Looking for something specific? Check out the tags page to search easily through past entries. Note: Just a friendly reminder... Some entries are links to a members personal journal. Some member have their journals locked, in such a case you must be "friends" with them to view the entry. We suggest reading the persons rule carefully and make sure they are accepting friends at the that time, before friending them. Thanks!

This community is maintained by janine42584. Please direct any questions to me.
Any and all types of graphics are welcome here, from any fandom you wish. Feel free to post icons, wallpapers, banners, layouts, picspams, friends only banners, minips, whatever you would like.

  • Please respect the icon makers wishes and follow their personal rules
  • No Hotlinking

  • You may post anything graphics related. For any content that is not suitable for all ages please have a warning as well as an LJ-Cut or link to your journal.
  • Keep more than 4 icons under an lj-cut.
  • Please use the subject bar for quick description of post (fandom/graphic type/etc).
  • This is not required, but please TAG your posts with your username and the type of piece it is. Again this is not required, but it’s easier for people who want to search the community.
  • Any irrelevant posts will be removed so please stay on topic.
  • Finally, have fun and enjoy posting here! Thank you!